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Industry Standards Ensure Security

Given the unique characteristics of the U.S. market, ZTE works closely with US carriers and partners to ensure the security of handsets and other consumer products. This includes:
Platform Security: From core chipset to OS, all ZTE phones in the U.S. market are based on the Qualcomm platform and Google Android OS system. Both Qualcomm and Google invest heavily in security research and new products, and they release security patches periodically. OEM manufacturers such as ZTE are not authorized to modify any security modules.
Product Security: Assurance testing occurs before product launch with carriers and is part of the routine product test cycle, which requires 4-8 months prior to product launch. U.S. carriers take the lead on all functional testing, performance testing and security testing. Independent testing firms or test teams of the U.S. carriers ensure all requirements are met before issuing certifications and launching the product.
Post-Launch: As part of the Android ecosystem, ZTE follows security patches from Qualcomm and Google, and maintains the maturity of software versions for U.S. carriers. Any new software releases and updates are certified from Google and audited by Google, and continuous improvements on security and protected software releases are conducted and managed by U.S. carriers. Any updates to ZTE handsets are related to the Android system only. All personal information of end users is encrypted and isolated.