Certifications and Verifications


ZTE emphasizes the importance of security verification, adopts the industry security certification system and evaluation framework, cooperates with authoritative third-party evaluation and certification bodies, and has obtained a number of international certifications, as well as industry-recognized independent audits and evaluations.



+ ISO Certificates


ZTE holds ISO27001 Information Security, ISO28000 Supply Chain Security, and ISO22301 Business Continuity Management certificates. For ISO27001, in total 27 certificates are held by ZTE and its global subsidiaries. The company has also obtained the certification to ISO27701 Privacy Information Management Systems for human resources management, as well as the terminal, 5G, CN, and digital technology products.



+ Important Certifications and Security Assessments for Product Security


  • In Jun. 2023, ZTE OTN solution (the full range of OTN products) passed the CC EAL3+ certification.


  • In Jun. 2023, ZTE digital energy network management products passed the IEC62443 certification.


  • In Jan. 2023, ZTE's 5G New Radio (NR) product obtained NESAS CCS-GI certificate released by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). ZTE is the first 5G equipment supplier to obtain NESAS CCS-GI certificate.


  • In July 2022, ZTE became the first equipment supplier to pass the GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS) 2.1 process assessment.


  • In Apr. 2021, ZTE's 5G RAN solution has been certified with the level of CC EAL 3+, which is so far the highest level achieved by a whole-set system in the telecommunications field.


  • From February to May 2021, ZTE's 5G NR gNodeB and 7 5GC network equipment passed the NESAS network equipment product security assessment (3GPP SCAS), which has achieved the best coverage among tested 5G products.


  • At the beginning of 2021, ZTE's 5GC and RAN products successfully completed the BSIMM11 assessment. In Dec. 2021, ZTE's 5G Flexhaul product completed the BSIMM12 assessment with high scores. These all prove that ZTE's software maturity is leading in the world.