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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who owns ZTE?
Answer: ZTE is a publicly-traded company (it is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzen stock exchanges). ZTE operates transparently and is accountable to its global shareholders. ZTE is not owned or controlled by the Chinese government or any entities affiliated with the Chinese government. Some Chinese state-owned entities are shareholders in ZTE. For more information, see the ZTE 2020 Annual Report.

Question: Are ZTE products and services trustworthy?
Answer: As a global company, ZTE fully understands the importance of trust in its products and services. ZTE’s products and services are developed using world-class industry standards and best practices when it comes to safeguarding the security and privacy of its customers and users. ZTE products contain technology from global vendors and suppliers, including many U.S.-based companies. ZTE’s partners and customers globally trust ZTE’s products and appreciate the innovation and cost-effectiveness ZTE provides.

Question: Does ZTE innovate through forced tech transfer and IP abuses?
Answer: ZTE respects the technology and intellectual property of others. ZTE takes great pride in its investments in innovation and R&D, and is a world leader in intellectual property according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in its own right.

Question: Is ZTE is on the U.S. “Entity List” so you cannot use its products or export items to it?
Answer: ZTE is not on the U.S. Entity List, and it is not the subject of export control restrictions by the United States government. ZTE currently is able to do business pursuant to the U.S. and all other countries’ export control regimes. ZTE is not under sanctions-related administrative or criminal charges.