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Compliance is ZTE’s top priority and a key part of its global business strategy.

The company has made compliance a key cornerstone of all aspects of its business across all major areas, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption, export control compliance, and data protection.

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Cybersecurity is the highest priority for ZTE's R&D and service delivery. ZTE is committed to providing secure and trustworthy products and services for its customers.

With its vision of “Security in DNA, Trust through Transparency,” ZTE conforms to industry-recognized standards and best practices to continuously enhance security with three central pillars:

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ZTE attaches great importance to privacy protection and complies with global privacy protection laws and regulations. ZTE has established a well-designed privacy protection management system and conducts systematic risk controls for the privacy of employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

For ZTE, privacy protection is not only a legal requirement but also the foundation of trustworthy and ethical business conduct.

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Whistleblowing is indispensable to ZTE governance and helps create long-term value.

The establishment of a whistleblowing system not only conforms to the laws and regulations of different countries, but also facilitates an evaluation of ZTE’s governance system, guaranteeing its sustainability through constant improvement.

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