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Whistleblowing is indispensable to ZTE governance and creates long-term value. The establishment of a whistleblowing system not only conforms to the laws and regulations of different countries, but also facilitates an evaluation of ZTE’s governance system, guaranteeing its sustainability through constant improvement.

Whistleblowing is the ability for us to “listen down” – to receive input and feedback from layers below executive management. Frontline employees or business process executors can easily collect various information and identify potential violations and frauds in business activities. Therefore, we should value and mobilize all employees, and expand the coverage of audit and inspection through whistleblowing, implementing joint compliance governance and supervision.
Whistleblowing Culture
Through project-based operation, we have taken a series of measures, such as management commitment, rule formulation, whistleblowing channel improvement, confidentiality enhancement, anti-retaliation, increase of rewards for whistleblowing, enhancement of routine publicity, constant system optimization, as well as surveys and reviews. Through these practices, we have incorporated whistleblowing into ZTE's compliance culture that advocates joint governance and supervision, thus strengthening all employees' awareness and recognition of ZTE's compliance culture.
A Third-party Whistleblowing Platform
In April 2020, ZTE introduced a third-party whistleblowing platform as a complement to its internal whistleblowing channels, becoming the first company in China to outsource whistleblowing to a law firm. The industry-leading platform supports whistleblowing through a website, email, and 24-hour hotline. The independent operation and management of the platform enables completely anonymous whistleblowing by providing ZTE with only information on investigations, thus guaranteeing the impartial, efficient, and secure handling of compliance cases. ZTE always prioritizes the protection of whistleblowers, and demonstrates its resolve and confidence in building a best-in-class compliance system by inspecting and enhancing compliance practices through whistleblowing.

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Third-party Whistleblowing Platform
Hotline:400-0707-099(Mainland China) +8621-3313-8584(Other countries/regions)