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ZTE values privacy protection and that means compliance with global privacy protection laws and regulations. ZTE has established a well-designed privacy protection management system and conducted systematic risk controls on the privacy of employees, customers, suppliers and partners. For ZTE, privacy protection is not only a legal requirement but also the foundation of trustworthy and ethical business conduct.
Technological innovations represented by 5G (5th generation mobile networks) are accelerating the development of the economy and society toward digital, networking, and intelligence, providing infinite imagination for the Internet of Things. In the digital world, protecting personal privacy has become the responsibility of technology companies. The essence of privacy is respect for individuals and their right to choose what information they share. This should not be viewed as a burden for companies, but an opportunity to better serve users and customers.

As a leading global communications company, ZTE supports privacy ethics in the era of the digital economy, integrating privacy protections for customers, users, employees and other related parties into its core values ZTE has become an industry leader in privacy protection in China and throughout the world. We look forward to other companies and organizations following the lead of ZTE in privacy protection.
ZTE has incorporated privacy protection requirements into various business processes to guarantee privacy management and control points. ZTE has embedded the security protection of user data privacy by design into the end-to-end process of product development to ensure that the products meet the internationally accepted requirements of data protection. ZTE has established Data Breach Response Processes and Data Subject Request Procedures in IT systems to provide support and guarantee the establishment and implementation of privacy management processes.
ZTE recognizes security as the important priority in product R&D and service delivery activities and is committed to providing reliable, end-to-end, full lifecycle security assurance. Since 2005, ZTE has passed the certification of the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System, which is updated annually and covers all of ZTE's services.

In 2020, ZTE introduced and established the Personal Information Management System (PIMS) for the core product line in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27701: 2019 Privacy Information Management System and the best practices in the industry. ZTE passed the ISO/IEC 27701 certification. In addition, ZTE has made continuous efforts to study the authoritative privacy authentication mechanism in the industry, improve its privacy protection system, and build a sustainable, transparent, open, and sound privacy protection environment.