Innovation & Patents

Innovation is a bedrock principle in telecommunications. We have always believed that
our innovation is a key driver for enhancing our competitive capability and a firm foundation supporting
our ability to provide continually updated, advanced products into the marketplace for everyone's daily benefit.
As a leading innovator, we continuously share our advanced technologies with the world, firmly advocate
a sound ecosystem of collaborative innovation, and actively build a bright future of connectivity and trust everywhere.

Standardization is pivotal for the telecommunication industry. As long-standing leaders in the industry, we also keep contributing to key telecommunications standards, as well as other technologies.

Patent Portfolio

Our strong patent portfolio covers our world-class contributions to advanced telecommunications and other technologies. It has been recognized as one of the world's most extensive and valuable assets, particularly with respect to telecommunications standards.


We view licensing and cross-licensing of patents as key practices to implement world-wide, collaborative innovation and to recoup return on R&D investment, including FRAND licensing of patents covered by FRAND commitments, subject to reciprocity.