Our world-class patent portfolio covering cutting-edge telecommunication and other technologies is an important consequence of our commitments to innovation, technical excellence, and sound management. (For more information, see Patent Portfolio). Our patent licensing activities enable us to share our innovation with the world. In most circumstances, mutually-beneficial agreements can be reached that allow others to benefit from our innovation and R&D while allowing us to reinvest the proceeds from our licensing activities to support our continuous innovation. In this way, we can support others’ business success and help build a healthy industry with widespread adoption of innovative technologies.


A particular focus of our licensing activities is licensing our portfolio of telecommunications Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), which is one of the world's largest. As a leading innovator in telecommunications, for decades we have made continuous contributions to telecommunication standards and have created a strong portfolio of SEPs. Our telecommunications SEP licensing brings valuable technologies to our licensees. Importantly, we comply with FRAND commitments we have made and also expect others to do so. A sound, efficient and reasonable licensing negotiation is always our priority. Conversely, we strongly resist any non-FRAND or other unreasonable licensing practices, which can not only jeopardize industry development and technical advancement, but also harm consumer interests.


Our patent licensees include many of the most well-known, sophisticated, and highly regarded manufacturers of electronics, transportation, and telecommunications products around the world. As a result of our license agreements with these companies, billions of consumers around the world benefit from our innovative achievements.


As world-wide adoption of 5G and other new technologies increases and spreads to new industries, we are continuing to collaboratively engage with new adopters in these industries to bring them the benefits of our patented innovation.


If you would like to request information about licensing our patents, please send an email to