Privacy Center


To better fulfill enterprise's privacy protection obligations, ZTE has built up the Privacy Center as a critical part of the company website, demonstrating the company's vision, objectives, values and achievements in the aspect of privacy protection and catering for privacy-related needs in services and products from outside users. ZTE's Privacy Center gives a sense of control and security to outside users regarding their data and offers an interactive experience to enable users to quickly and easily find the company's privacy practices and raise privacy requests at any given time.


There are five key modules of the all-encompassing Privacy Center:


  • ZTE Privacy: ZTE's privacy logo and slogan are demonstrated in the banner of the front page. With the company's privacy objective of "comply with laws", "build trust together" and "values business ethics" presented, users are able to learn more about how ZTE highly values users' privacy and is committed to protecting their privacy in products and services by constantly enhancing our management regulations and technologies.


  • Product Privacy: ZTE firmly believes that privacy protection should be incorporated into product design and resolutely implements Privacy by Design throughout the product research and development process. In this module, users could have a better understanding of ZTE's product security features, where ZTE protects users' privacy through innovative technologies and solutions. Besides, via the product privacy guidelines in this module, users are able to learn how to manage their privacy settings and preference in ZTE's key products, including ZTE Smart Life, Z-Service, ZTE BBS, ZTE Mall and App Center.


  • User Privacy: ZTE is committed to continuously improving users' experience regarding privacy protection and users' privacy concerns are a driving force for ZTE's constant enhancement in privacy protection. With 4 key sections of this module, including "Consult for Privacy Concerns", "Give Us Your Advice", "Exercise Your Privacy Rights" and "Report Data Breaches", where outside users could submit their questions, suggestions, data subject rights exercising and data breach reporting via questionnaire fulfilling, ZTE is able to respond and handle all kinds of requests from users in a timely manner.


  • Privacy Policy: This module allows users to easily access ZTE Privacy Policy, which contains all the information related to users' data collection processes, such as categories of data collected, the purpose of collection, retention period, data processing and data protection protocols, and data sharing. Besides, the Cookies Policy of this module gives users a list of all the cookies and trackers in use on ZTE website, providing them with insights into how their data is being processed when visiting ZTE website.


  • Privacy Construction: ZTE introduces advanced standards, learns from good practices, and brings in third parties for inspection, to realize continuous improvement. In this module, users could learn more about ZTE privacy constructions on international privacy protection certification, including ISO/IEC 27701, ePrivacy and TRUSTe, study and research reports published and relevant awards ZTE has achieved in the aspects of privacy protection.